Monday, April 11, 2016

A Visit to Ojo Marron

( Editor's note: after many years of distraction in other games I'm returning to the game I started grand-detail construction many years ago. The Idea is to develop the "West Gone Wild" (Beavelick) into a large convention participation game like our Pirate blog "Fist Full of Seamen")  

The town of Ojo Marron
In the dusty Back-no-Water of New Mexico sits the town of Ojo Marron. known for it's long dry season extending for 11 months and 29 days of the year, Its enigmatic founding can't be traced to any recorded origin know to the territory of New Mexico but may be hinted at by the fact that the farmers still use a Aztec calendar to track the harvest seasons. Primarily Spanish speaking the local population are substance farmers of local crops such as maze, peppers, and squash.  

La Tercera Tetilla 
Among the sand smoothed buildings in town stands the premier Tapas and cactus wine cafe. Cactus wine a concoction of distilled prickly pear labeled 205proof, the owner Rodrigo Ciego claims uses the metric system to exceed the 100% alcohol level.

From the scenic veranda you can see almost 7 of the 9 remaining buildings in town.
Visiting Celebrity Robert Conrad
Regulars Armie Hammer and Johnny Depp

The Store room on the ground level contains the makings of the potent cactus wine sold on the veranda: Firminting Prickly pear, sugar and a whole lot of hemp.


Monday, May 18, 2015

Taking Care of Business

Taking Care of Business
The infamous Aaron Viva wanders into Outhouse 23 also know as Jackson's Hole, a enigmatic facility that never seems to be short on periodicals to wipe yourself with.   

Friday, April 3, 2015

Re-Booting Beaverlick.....

Something stirs from the Mourning Wood cemetery,  Is it Dusty Lome the grave digger? Is it that axe murdering circus clown that was trialed, convicted and executed twice do to a clerical error? Is it a pack of peyote-hopped-up-Indians just causing a ruckus again? Get your boots on, load that six gun and order a double shot of sarsaparilla. It's last call for the Moseying Dead.

Armadillos take double damage in the road, a house rule well support by scientific observation.

The Halloween edition of the Beaver Examiner.

Sean Connery's Guest appearance 

Sir! there is a strict "NO undead" policy in this hotel lobby, you will have to use the minority entrance in the rear.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Old "69" is Coming!

The Old "69" lovingly known as "The Lickity Split" by her fireman, boasted the largest "Rack" In The Wyoming Northern Railroad. Formally a climax piston engine running between Blue Ball and Intercourse, Pennsylvania, she was sold to the W.Y.N.O. railroad company because she arrived many times ahead of the strict Keystone state schedule. "Residents in these parts don't mind if the Ole' Lickity Split comes too early, as long as she does and with some consistency." admits her conductor

In preparation for the Martian invasion of 1882 Mayor Caveat Huckster requisitioned an experimental rail mobile artillery piece originally designed for coastal defense of the Chesapeake Bay. Despite the Martian invasion taking place nearly 6000 miles east in Leeds, England over a decade later the Mayor claims vigilance and a little posturing influenced the blood sucking cephlopods to seek more submissive targets else where.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Car accommodations.

First and Second Class Car accommodations.

No Class accommodations.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Beaverlick Penal Facility

The official name of the local jail, the Beaverlick Penal Facility is a state of the art detention house designed by the late Lenny Cochran. Locals often confuse this long winded official title in colloquial circles with the Bed Side Manor, also known for Penal retention. Known by most around town as "The hole, one can refer to in polite conversation", serves the city Marshall as a holding area for local deviants awaiting trial, a cooling area for drunken rowdies and a temporary smoke house during dear season.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Extra! Extra! Black Bart Rides Again?

Civil Disorder will not be suffered

"Beaverlick takes law quite seriously, as do I, but there are some places I just don't have Jurisdiction," shrugged Marshall Tucker in response to the growing list of scathing letters to the editor written to The Beaver Examiner over the past few months. "Look, I don't mind cleaning up litter, rousting drunks, defusing a fight between an opium tweaked circus midget and a squeaky water pump or anything thing else that crops up in our cozy city limits. My vigilance stops two feet past that bullet-riddled welcome sign at the edge of town. Just last week I chased a extra-terrestrial ecotoplasmic cephalopod through the Yeast of Eden bakery after the sour dough vat imploded. When that thing phased into a pocket dimension I broke pursuit. Yeah, I guess I could have raised a posse, but extradition from outer planeular courts has been negligible since the Monroe Doctrine; and locally I'm not sure I could find a credable jury of it's peers. The American justice system has its limitations out here in the territory and it's 450 yards in that direction."

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

The Beaver Examiner is the exclusive chronicle of Beaverlick, Wyoming. Printed weekly, the brain child of publisher/editor, and co-owner of the Box Lunch Cafe, Maple White has managed to turn quite a profit in this frontier town, despite an estimated literacy rate of nearly 22 percent. When asked of his successful marketing, he just rubbed his ink stained fingers across freshly dried printings and said, "You wont find a softer paper anywhere in Wyoming." White also sponsors an all you can eat coffee and grits luncheon at the cafe with the purchase of every paper . "In the end The Beaver Examiner is there to wipe away the true grit of the West and get right to the fiber of our Society."
boasted White.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Holland Oats Feed and Seed

No matter if your sewing wild oats or shredding wheat, Haggen Van Der Biber hopes to grow with you and the budding Beaverlick farming community. A transplant of Amsterdam, Haggen put down roots and opened the Holland Oats feed and seed depot to yield a living providing the best quality grain to a very fertile market. Tired of hunting and pecking for the best feed prices? Come talk turkey for chicken feed, it will only cost a little scratch at Holland Oats.

Founding Derelict

Rome may have been built by orphans, as Australia was by criminals and brigands, heck, even our own founding fathers were blasphemous Anglican Church out casts. So why should it come to any one's surprise that a derelict was responsible for Beaverlick's current location? A Derelict wagon that is. It remains unclear as to whom it may have originally belonged to when first discovered by now acting Mayor Caveat Huckster on his original trek to California. He obviously wasn't the first to make a vagrants shelter of it, prairie flotsam had been scattered all the way to the creek bed by its former tenants. After sifting through the disordered abandonment, Caveat was said to have discovered copper ore in the run off of a near by beaver's dam. (Editors Note)The Mayors office has strictly denied this allegation of opportunist behavior and counter proposes the rumors are simply slanderous revisionism.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Law and Order in these here parts.

The Beaverlick County Jail, colloquially known as the “Poky”, serves as the center of law and order in Beaverlick. Editors note: other establishments in town have also been referred to as the “Poky” however context should disseminate the proper establishment in conversation.

Excerpt taken from the context of Mayor Caveat Huckster's inauguration speech:
All detained suspects of heinous felonies can expect a just and expedient trial. Those of dubious reckoning shall be hung like men; that is unless they are women folk guilty of a similarly malignant crime. They will be hanged.