Monday, April 11, 2016

A Visit to Ojo Marron

( Editor's note: after many years of distraction in other games I'm returning to the game I started grand-detail construction many years ago. The Idea is to develop the "West Gone Wild" (Beavelick) into a large convention participation game like our Pirate blog "Fist Full of Seamen")  

The town of Ojo Marron
In the dusty Back-no-Water of New Mexico sits the town of Ojo Marron. known for it's long dry season extending for 11 months and 29 days of the year, Its enigmatic founding can't be traced to any recorded origin know to the territory of New Mexico but may be hinted at by the fact that the farmers still use a Aztec calendar to track the harvest seasons. Primarily Spanish speaking the local population are substance farmers of local crops such as maze, peppers, and squash.  

La Tercera Tetilla 
Among the sand smoothed buildings in town stands the premier Tapas and cactus wine cafe. Cactus wine a concoction of distilled prickly pear labeled 205proof, the owner Rodrigo Ciego claims uses the metric system to exceed the 100% alcohol level.

From the scenic veranda you can see almost 7 of the 9 remaining buildings in town.
Visiting Celebrity Robert Conrad
Regulars Armie Hammer and Johnny Depp

The Store room on the ground level contains the makings of the potent cactus wine sold on the veranda: Firminting Prickly pear, sugar and a whole lot of hemp.



Jay said...

Fine job on the modeling.

CelticCurmudgeon said...

Outstanding job of interior detail. Have fun doing this. Do you have much left to do?

Caveat Huckster said...

Oh quite a bit to do but our group's goal is to have a working sample of the greater game by Adepticon next Year (2017). I'm trying to represent 5 to 7 states in the territories circa 1880's that players can move between boards interacting with each other and the local color. This town will have about 7 to 9 buildings when finished. Other bigger towns may have 15 to 20. The aim is to have around 11 GM's working with about 40 Posses, gangs, and tribes.


Jim said...

This is stunning mate. I'm just getting into Dead Man's Hand, building my own town and gangs. Any tips? What rules do you use for this period?

Caveat Huckster said...

Tips? Detail. The old west time period is the most supported era of war gaming I know of for after market bits. Between O scale train sites and 28mm furniture & accessories, there is no reason that a town has to look like a Hollywood back lot with empty buildings and no local color. That drives me crazy. We're building new boards this year with uneven ground and avoiding the flat dull featureless terrain common to most gamer's set ups. other than death valley and Kansas the American West looks radically different region to region.
If you want to get a great book on Wild West Towns, Look up Knuckle Dusters' "Cow Town Creator" The detail that book provides is amazing for businesses and what you would find in their structures. I use it for all my building projects.

On rules, we have our own rules now. I've used "Fist full of lead", "Desperado", "legends of the Old West", "Boot hill", "The rules with No Name" and read several of the newer systems like "Dead Man's hand" and "Black Water Gulch", none captured the fast paced Adrenalin of a gun fight I wanted. We will debut them for play at Adepticon as soon as we can.


Jim said...

That's great Scott, thanks a lot. Look forward to hearing of these rules somewhere down the line.

Anonymous said...

The buildings look great, and lived in. But, One question wheres the chamber pot? Debatably the most important piece of furniture in the house?


Caveat Huckster said...

I have a few 3d printed up but to this point just figured it was under the bed with a lid on top of it. I will have to put a few into the next builds.