Monday, April 11, 2016

A Visit to Ojo Marron

( Editor's note: after many years of distraction in other games I'm returning to the game I started grand-detail construction many years ago. The Idea is to develop the "West Gone Wild" (Beavelick) into a large convention participation game like our Pirate blog "Fist Full of Seamen")  

The town of Ojo Marron
In the dusty Back-no-Water of New Mexico sits the town of Ojo Marron. known for it's long dry season extending for 11 months and 29 days of the year, Its enigmatic founding can't be traced to any recorded origin know to the territory of New Mexico but may be hinted at by the fact that the farmers still use a Aztec calendar to track the harvest seasons. Primarily Spanish speaking the local population are substance farmers of local crops such as maze, peppers, and squash.  

La Tercera Tetilla 
Among the sand smoothed buildings in town stands the premier Tapas and cactus wine cafe. Cactus wine a concoction of distilled prickly pear labeled 205proof, the owner Rodrigo Ciego claims uses the metric system to exceed the 100% alcohol level.

From the scenic veranda you can see almost 7 of the 9 remaining buildings in town.
Visiting Celebrity Robert Conrad
Regulars Armie Hammer and Johnny Depp

The Store room on the ground level contains the makings of the potent cactus wine sold on the veranda: Firminting Prickly pear, sugar and a whole lot of hemp.