Friday, March 28, 2008

Law and Order in these here parts.

The Beaverlick County Jail, colloquially known as the “Poky”, serves as the center of law and order in Beaverlick. Editors note: other establishments in town have also been referred to as the “Poky” however context should disseminate the proper establishment in conversation.

Excerpt taken from the context of Mayor Caveat Huckster's inauguration speech:
All detained suspects of heinous felonies can expect a just and expedient trial. Those of dubious reckoning shall be hung like men; that is unless they are women folk guilty of a similarly malignant crime. They will be hanged.

Catherine's "The Great Livery Stable".

Welcome to Catherine's Livery an establishment with a long history of animal husbandry. Proprietor Catherine Frederica, a Prussian born immigrant, opened her barn door to the public late last October and has been servicing mare and stallion alike. Catherine, a top notch jocky herself who seems as comfortable bareback as she is in the stirrups, urges all riders to hobble up in her stalls. "No matter how hard you ride your philly, she will never be put up wet here." claims Catherine.

Tzu Wong's Can Make it White

"Tzu Wong's can make it white" or so the sign reads outside this disheveled old shack at the edge of Beaverlick. This ex-railroad worker turned linen ringer has establish quite a trade and some say a celestial's fortune as rumors have tied him to every imaginable conspiracy ranging from exiled despot to the San Francisco underground. No mater what this mysterious oriental entrepreneur heritage you can bet he's up to his elbows in the dirty laundry of this Wyoming town..

Enos DeMilo Arms Company

Enos DelMilo Arms Company
The Enos DelMilo Arms Company provides the finest quality balls and bullets for all your ballistic discharges in and around Beaverlick. Whether you are hunting opossum in the bush or deep in the back country, Enos’ small arms are guaranteed not to go off half cocked or prematurely. No matter if you're a great white hunter or a backdoor man, they’ve got the piece for you.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Train Station

The Beaverlick Rail Station is the last stop on the Transcendental Rail line.

Passenger Lounge

Freight and ticket office

International shipping available.

Water tower

City ordinance prohibits the act of bathing in any public areas not excluding the railroad water supply, watering troves and the distillery run off.
Lost and Found : 1 rubber duck, found in bath house water tower, yellow, makes squeak sound when squeezed. See Marshall Tucker for ownership.

Rooms at the Morrison.

How can my room be located somewhere between Room 3 and room 4?

Front Desk at the Morrison Hotel.

Front Lobby
Front Desk At the Morrison (Why is check out time always 4:20 in this Hotel?)

Nek's Wiskey bar

The Morrison Hotel

Today at 5 2 1 Love Street, The Morrison Hotel opened its Doors to offer one in five comfortable rooms to the travelers of dawn’s highway. No mater if you’re an unknown soldier or a member of a Spanish Caravan you’ll be glad to lodge as night is drawing near. So trade in a few hours for a hand full of dimes, this is the Inn. Tired of the Road House and want to have a real good time? Let us direct you to Nek’s Whiskey Bar. Come in from the wilderness of the American night to relieve yourself of those weird scenes inside the gold mind or a summers rain as your waiting for the sun.