Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Old "69" is Coming!

The Old "69" lovingly known as "The Lickity Split" by her fireman, boasted the largest "Rack" In The Wyoming Northern Railroad. Formally a climax piston engine running between Blue Ball and Intercourse, Pennsylvania, she was sold to the W.Y.N.O. railroad company because she arrived many times ahead of the strict Keystone state schedule. "Residents in these parts don't mind if the Ole' Lickity Split comes too early, as long as she does and with some consistency." admits her conductor

In preparation for the Martian invasion of 1882 Mayor Caveat Huckster requisitioned an experimental rail mobile artillery piece originally designed for coastal defense of the Chesapeake Bay. Despite the Martian invasion taking place nearly 6000 miles east in Leeds, England over a decade later the Mayor claims vigilance and a little posturing influenced the blood sucking cephlopods to seek more submissive targets else where.

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