Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Front Desk at the Morrison Hotel.

Front Lobby
Front Desk At the Morrison (Why is check out time always 4:20 in this Hotel?)

Nek's Wiskey bar

The Morrison Hotel

Today at 5 2 1 Love Street, The Morrison Hotel opened its Doors to offer one in five comfortable rooms to the travelers of dawn’s highway. No mater if you’re an unknown soldier or a member of a Spanish Caravan you’ll be glad to lodge as night is drawing near. So trade in a few hours for a hand full of dimes, this is the Inn. Tired of the Road House and want to have a real good time? Let us direct you to Nek’s Whiskey Bar. Come in from the wilderness of the American night to relieve yourself of those weird scenes inside the gold mind or a summers rain as your waiting for the sun.

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